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Cruz Visions

Since its inception, Cruz Visions has been offering innovative solar solutions customized to our residential and commercial clients’ eclectic renewable needs.

With years of experience in engineering, designing, and building bespoke renewable products and options, we pride ourselves on delivering the most technically appropriate solutions to assure efficient and measurable outcomes. Our local on-site staff of Technicians, Engineers, and Electricians brings you the most reliable and sustainable options to assist our clients in achieving their renewable goals.

Cruz Visions understand our client's individual needs and assist them in navigating the threat of climate change and ever-raising energy prices. We endeavor to offer top-tier products, premium quality, and extended warranties with multiple payment options. Moreover, by employing our roofing services, we can replace your roof and install a new solar panel system simultaneously. We are your one-stop destination for your switch to cost-effective renewable energy options.

About Us


If you’re sick of high electric bills or have a strong desire to help the environment while still getting the energy you need, solar panels are the solution that you’ve been looking for. Purchasing your own solar panel array and having a grid-tiered solar power system installed is an extremely cost effective and responsible energy consumption choice

Our Business Goals

At Cruz Visions, our mission is to transform our clients' lives and the communities they live in, delivering futuristic solar energy solutions that are sustainable, attainable, and economical.

Our Capacity and History Secure Your Future

Cruz Visions is one of the largest providers of solar power solutions and has installed thousands of systems than any company currently doing business in our market. Our mission is to continue to do that with integrity and transparency. We want to educate our customers on making a lifetime decision that will forever benefit them.

Our Focus on Unparalleled Lasting Relationships

We focus on solar solutions and are inspired through our hard work to make an impact while improving customer satisfaction and experience. Moreover, we strive to support and empower our team as we share a responsibility to uplift one another to succeed on our collective journey.

Our Commitment to Deliver Eco-Friendly Solar Products

By becoming a leading force in our industry by offering the best model of professionalism, positioning Cruz Visions as the leading provider of renewable energy solutions. Moreover, we continually improve the range of eco-friendly solar products and services to serve our clients the best.

Why Choose Us

At Cruz Visions, we are adding futuristic solar energy services to your home or businesses, a seamless process. We employ the state of the art technologies to develop and design custom quotes for every customer's needs by analyzing your home, power consumption, bill, and trends.

We Are Solar Experts

With 30-plus years of experience, the Cruz Visions team understands the nuances of the State’s power companies, as well as those of the federal and state governments. This enables us to take care of all your solar needs while complying with the industry’s standards.

We Make Solar Simple

Solar energy is, no doubt, one of the greatest natural resources that exist on Earth. Cruz Visions harness that beneficial resource and transform it into energy savings and incentives that you can experience in real-time.

We Stand By Solar

Our in-house team of professionals—including installers and engineers—takes care of all your solar installation needs. We work with you for your solar panels' entire life—we assist you for the years to come. Cruz Visions always strives to achieve complete client satisfaction at every step of the way.